Accept or give up

Accepting yourself (and others) as you are especially means to embrace diversity. To be tolerant to differences, and realize that these complement each other. It has a core of non-appreciation too: no labeling that something is “right” or “wrong”; at the most that you react yourself so or so. That is something very different than giving in lazily to doing nothing, and making excuses for not tackling the problems in your life. You can accept the past, simply because it’s over now, with nothing left to do. But your future is still in your hand!


The logo explained

The website logo reflects the complex relationship between what we think and say, what we experience, and how we ultimately behave in the world around us.
The first core of personal development: ignoring your lazy brain, and taking the trouble to really, openly and honestly investigate the world around you again.
The second core of personal development: creativity, including the courage to freely color your world view.
The third core of personal development: to constantly enter into the learning process with the tools that heart, brain and world offer so that your choices become more meaningful and satisfying.