Artificial Intelligence


Where does life take us? In the end there will be yet unknown challenges for humanity and Earth, for which we need to transcend our inherited animal restrictions. Maybe it helps when realizing that from a distance, our planet is just a tiny dot in a bigger system. It moves on, regardless of our problems. Who knows what we’ll find out there, watching us and our petty debates.

time passes by

4. The future

We all feel that there are limits to what certain processes can realize. Looking at the increasing complexity of the world, we ask ourselves “What is next? “, and we expect some changes to happen. This collective thinking continues to expand, and today we see a shift from pure knowledge generation to transparency of information sharing. Internet became a virtual world where we all can move around without the limitations of our physical existence. In a way, internet gave our identity and values new dimensions.


3. The world

This world we build with our brain does not only house all people, but also has many pyramid constellations in various nested forms. What applies to the interaction between two humans is also valid for the dynamics between two pyramids. How a pyramid embeds in a larger construction is not different from how a person takes part in pyramid life. It is all about identity and perceived value. When somebody is able to look beyond the pyramids he is part of, he gets a bigger picture of this world. The only value for evolution is the knowledge, generated by our brains to move to the next phase!

Slaves or not

2. The crowd

Once I realize I’m not alone in my reality, I know I’m part of a crowd. We are herd animals. In the chaotic crowd my identity feels lost, so we get together in structures and groups to join forces. When two or more people come together to achieve something, automatically someone will take a leadership role. The bigger the group is, the more important is this role. Our motivation is to secure what we perceive as valuable.