If you think I used too many words to explain such common concepts: I apologize. I just compiled some topics that somehow relate to each other when observing how we deal with the concept of reality. Maybe I forgot to explain what is so obvious to me:

“… Life is simple by nature,
and my thoughts just fill a personal copy of a single page from reality.
Together with everything else around us, we write and read the book of life.”

I used words and pictures for this booklet, but maybe instead we should learn how to dream the truth again.

Simplicity is the key to everything. When we recognize repeating patterns and symbols in our reality, a universal blueprint reveals itself to us.
However, let’s not make things difficult:

  1. Reality comes true through my thoughts. Our brain is a powerful, yet also limited tool to process those thoughts. We should not always believe any brain without questioning.
  2. Chaos is the standard. My brain tries to structure that using concepts like pyramids, span of control, scope and hierarchical levels. But these are mind-map simplification techniques, and not
    reality itself. These concepts are not universal laws of nature, they are what we project on our sensory experiences to better process all signals.
  3. The brain turns everything into binary choices. Reality always has other options, we just need to see them.
    There is always a different choice, regardless of what our environment wants us to believe.
  4. My brain uses identities and values to acknowledge my place in life. Throughout life I collect a backpack full of lessons about these values and identities. If you want to change your life, change your value perception.
  5. Evolution is the continuous development of brain power to surpass existing thinking limitations.

… Reality, it’s (just) a thought!

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