Accept or give up

It sounds so beautiful:

Simply accept yourself, and be who you are.

Yet it is easier said than done for many people. You then have to face what you probably avoided for a long time. But the consequence is also that you not only accept yourself as you are, but others as well! Just because you expect them to accept you too.

Fortunately, “accept” doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everyone. You also do not have to maintain contact if the differences are large. But you do allow each other some self-esteem and respect the personal space and freedom of the other.

Accepting yourself (and others) as you are especially means to embrace diversity. To be tolerant to differences, and realize that these complement each other. It has a core of non-appreciation too: no labeling that something is “right” or “wrong”; at the most that you react yourself so or so.
Diversity also means giving space to strengths and shortcomings as qualities that you have or not. When you decide to work on something, you should also do that with full dedication. To give up because you are “just as you are” is a bad choice. Because acceptance is not the same as resigning to your status quo. That is too easy, and does not help you to make changes in your life. It does not matter what others say about it, you are the only one who who owns it. Accepting yourself means that you know what you are, what your possibilities are, and what you can achieve. That is something very different than giving in lazily to doing nothing, and making excuses for not tackling the problems in your life. You can accept the past, simply because it’s over now, with nothing left to do. But your future is still in your hand!

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