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Freedom of choice

It’s our highest ideal: to have maximum freedom of choice and to decide for yourself what is good for you.
As if there’s a menu for your life with all selections that are available. What remains after consuming your choice disappears in an anonymous waste bin.
This fits into a time when individualism grows rampant at the expense of a sense of responsibility for the ups and downs of others. You only sacrifice yourself for your own profit, or because your dear ones can benefit from it in the long term. As they say: you should get more out of it than you put in.

But I often ask myself the question: are we really that free?
Does each of us have enough knowledge and experience to know what is right for him or her?

I doubt it.

Especially because a lot of information is no longer reliable due to the influence of lobbies, political movements and subsidies from large companies. The one-sidedness, often wrapped in a pseudo-scientific jacket, and the artificial complexity of the jargon hide the true value of texts. We are no longer used to really reading anyways, spoiled by flashy movies and fancy images. In addition, due to the existence of a huge amount of disinformation from governments, companies and internet hobbyists (who earn a living with it), you have to be very careful about what is truthful, and what is not.



We are also steered by market forces and #Organismics. In terms of the menu… Who puts it together and defines your choice options? Without you noticing it, your tastes, choices and value judgments are molded by clever campaigns so that they fit within the framework of cross-border organizations. By making use of the natural need for addiction, our behavior is a plaything of higher interests. Not even from other people, but from structures and systems that optimize their existence at expense of the crowd.

Energy drink canIn a subconscious attempt to experience at least some degree of freedom, we are only decently disobedient. We complain a lot, and then commit ourselves to the status quo. Unfortunately, we also refuse to take responsibility for our fellow human beings, the animals and plants with which we live together or the earth. We slumber at the signals of bio-initiatives and government proposals to achieve climate targets. We shout “participation society” and translate this into complaints about the healthcare system. We choose a nice label for the same energy drink, and throw away the can to be cleaned up by the municipality. We find it normal to have lighting everywhere, and that we can drive against street lights without reporting it.


Brains cannot simultaneously deal with responsibility and freedom of choice. That requires energy and time, and these are better spent on pleasure stimuli or laziness. Unfortunately no #BrainTricks exist for the pursuit of an open moral and ethic, aimed at the world as a whole, and not at petty defending our private interests. Not with me, with you, nor with any organization. It is a matter of personal growth, learning and development and courage to take responsibility, even if you do not see a direct advantage. In the long term, however, we will all benefit from this.

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