The decline of the USA

Presidential elections in the United States are nearing their end in the next few hours, barring possible recounts and lawsuits over validity of proceedings. But it is already clearly a neck-and-neck race, and that is historic in the present day and age given the situation in America. There is a lot at stake for the inhabitants of the USA: the decline of their country, in imitation of all the mighty empires in the past.

After the USA has bound the rest of the world economically since the Second World War, has dominated it militarily, and has legally (tried to) prescribe the rules, other countries are now standing up to give counter pressure. As a result, growth in domestic prosperity has been faltering for some time, and many people see that the “American Way of Life” is not as ideal as political marketing would like to show. The differences between rich and poor are growing, social polarization and hardening are increasing, and economic oppression is rampant. Freedom is long gone. The pillars of American society are shaken: the law of the fittest, the power of money, and the independence of the individual. The rest of the world shows that there are different values, different ways of interacting with each other, and different requirements for living together on a global stage. Russia, China, India, Europe, the Muslim countries and territories in Africa and South America are now less willing to put up with American “fatherhood” any longer. And that is bad news for the USA and its most loyal vassals, Israel in particular.

After 4 years of tRump, I had a cautious hope that the American people had taken a good look in the mirror, and drew the necessary conclusions. A human being or person like tRump is despicable in all respects, because of how he thinks about women and other peoples, how he plays on people through abuse of power and intimidation, how he amplifies and takes advantage of the ignorance of large groups of citizens, and how he lies and deceit to avoid any meaningful discussion beforehand. The one-sidedness of his approach to America has strong parallels with Germany in the 1930s. Just look at influencing the judiciary, approving violence against dissenters, establishing a dynasty by prevailing family members over knowledge and experience, and generally gathering heel-lickers around them without a backbone.

But what’s the alternative? As a person, Biden is the opposite of tRump in everything: correct, empathetic, and open. But where tRump has a message, no matter how disfigured, Biden (or his Democratic party) actually doesn’t. There is no hope for anything new, no vision that will reintroduce America into the world stage. And Biden himself lacks the charisma that Obama, for example, had. So what choice do the American people actually have? The fact that so many people knew nothing better than to vote Republican or tRump is saddening and a sign on the wall.

What happens now in the USA of course has an impact on the rest of the world, but my suspicion is that the end of the power era of the USA has now been set in motion. The domestic consequences of poverty, riots and revolution and slow corporate collapse will cause the people to suffer the most. America will probably fare in the same way as so many other countries where a revolution took place, and that is by no means a nice idea.

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