Ambition is one of the qualities that sets people apart. It ensures that leaders stand up, and is an essential condition for further #Organismics. It’s a bit of a #BrainTrick that we think everyone should have ambition, a conviction that has blown over from capitalist thinking. The idea that you have to reach the highest, that you have to bet the maximum, keep trying, otherwise you are worth nothing, that idea does a lot of damage. That differentiation starts already in high school, completely ignoring natural growth and development of interests. I saw the worriers (as I always call them) in business, as they groan under the pressure of partner, boss and business. I see them rise and fall in politics.

I just think this way: if it feels right to you, then realize your ambitions. Make sure you don’t just try to live up to the expectations of others. The ambitions of others in particular can be stifling if you are given a role in them.
If you have no or few ambitions, then there is nothing to worry about. Even then you have a role in society, just like probably the rest of the 80% who (would like to) choose other centers of gravity in their lives. However, keep in mind that ambitious wolves do not take advantage of you for their own gain. Fortunately, because of the built-in polarization, ambition is a self-regulating system, as long as there is freedom and transparency.

When I think of forcedly ambitious people, the analogy with rockets comes to mind (especially now that we are heading for a fireworks ban that people hardly try to adhere to). When you buy them, flares are beautiful and auspicious. Actually, that’s the best stage in their existence: the promise, the expectation, the potency of magic. It’s the same with humans: there are very few who simply remain a promising rocket. They do live the longest, though. Most of tem explode and disappear, some beautiful and spectacular, others invisible with at most a scent of gunpowder. Some say goodbye with a loud bang, others vanish with a wet sizzle. However, about the rocket that I kept, I can still tell a story that appeals to the imagination.

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