The Misunderstanding About Science

Technology will not be able to avoid its responsibility in the changes of the coming period. The technician and the technologist will more often be confronted with questions of conscience about costs, practicality and influence on the planet and the quality of our living environment, and will have to communicate more consciously and transparently about this.

The decline of the USA

What happens now in the USA of course has an impact on the rest of the world, but my suspicion is that the end of the power era of the USA has now been set in motion. The domestic consequences of poverty, riots and revolution and slow corporate collapse will cause the people to suffer the most. America will probably fare in the same way as so many other countries where a revolution took place, and that is by no means a nice idea.


The Corona pandemic and #UnhealthEconomics

Fortunately, the Corona pandemic exposes a number of aspects of the #UnhealthEconomics phenomenon. The emphasis now seems to be shifting more towards prevention and health, while regular (non-corona-related) care is viewed differently. The future will show in which direction this development will continue.


Introduction to SARS-CoV-2

I hear little background, and it seems as if everyone is expected to have the correct technical-scientific basic knowledge. But that’s not true. Most people follow the government because they don’t know any better. A large group is frustrated because of all limitations, others don’t believe in it, and still others don’t understand the sometimes very contradictory measures.

View from the Tor (small)

Freedom of choice

It’s our highest ideal: to have maximum freedom of choice and to decide for yourself what is good for you.
As if there’s a menu for your life with all selections that are available. What remains after your choice disappears in an anonymous waste bin.
This fits into a time when individualism grows rampant at the expense of a sense of responsibility for the ups and downs of others. You only sacrifice yourself for your own profit, or because your dear ones can benefit from it in the long term. As they say: you should get more out of it than you put in.

But I often ask myself the question: are we really that free?


It is interesting to note how your expectations about human behavior are influenced to a large extent by external appearances. Behind the public mask often a few less rosy things are hidden. As long as these are private, little is going on (although you can also question that like in case of domestic violence and so on), but it gets annoying when the living environment suffers from it. Why are people so negligent when it comes to waste? Especially these days, with a lot of attention for the impact on our environment?

“It is and remains your shit, that you dropped somewhere! “


Ideal health

In the last decades we have seen an increase in public attention to health. Diversity is disappearing. Soon we all have the same healthy genes. The long-term effects of this fast-growing system will demonstrate the extent to which we are already inmates of this #UnhealthEconomics.

One-sidedness and popular entertainment

How aware are we of our freedom? Or have we already given it up in exchange for convenience and safety? Don’t we want to get the information needed to do justice to everyone? Or do we follow the invisible leaders? #Organismics has many faces…

Healthy French fries

The accompanying YouTube video is an excellent presentation about how business interests lead to scaling up, irresponsible production conditions, and adding ingredients to food that generate a kind of addiction.