The beginning: 1992-1995
A busy life with changes at home and at work led me to take guitar lessons in the early nineties. I had to practice a lot and was also busy with sound engineering. That resulted in a lot of experimenting with recordings and effects and making arrangements, while trying out different types of guitars. Melodies arose naturally with the poems I wrote, in the past in Dutch, and now – because of my worldwide adventures – in English.


      1. Moving Out
      2. Mille

Mille” was the first song that, much to my surprise, came about ‘by itself’.

      3. Little Bird
      4. For You
      5. Kopenhagen Nights
      6. Bambis Song
      7. Mona
      8. Showtime
      9. Pirjo

Pirjo” was also born spontaneously. The intro is now even a ringtone on my phone!

      10. Leaving the City

Because of the 6/8 tempo and melody, “Leaving the City” became my dad’s favorite song. It made him nostalgic; unfortunately I never asked him why that was.

Next: 1995- …
In the end the charm of the Spanish guitar prevailed… My life became more relaxed, and I focused a bit more on myself. Texts became less necessary; often just instrumental music was sufficient.
Twenty years later almost all of the equipment that I collected has been sold.

And Beyond…

      11. No-one Will Ever Take Your Place

No-one Will Ever Take Your Place” quickly became the favorite song of my chef’s (young) daughters. After that, more people turned out to be very fond of the acoustic performance.

      12. December '95
      13. Pirjos Dream

This guitar music calmed my father when it all got too much for him.

      14. Tonight it Feels
      15. Untitled Dream

The arrangement of “Untitled Dream” is strongly influenced by my guitar teacher, in an attempt to break away from ingrained patterns.

      16. Lonesome For Too Long
      17. Every Saturday
      18. Mamas tune

While strumming this melody arose which my mother embraced as ‘her song’. So that’s why it became: “Mamas tune

      19. Max Seven Weeks
      20. Playfull tune