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The ReRuBabs website is mainly an outlet for all kinds of ideas and creative results. As such, the site is constantly evolving. You will find there:

  • an eBook with my philosophy of life (“Reality, it’s (just) a thought! “)
  • a story without end as a parable for what is happening around us (“A journey“)
  • encouraging messages about principles (“Inspirations”)
  • comments on concrete situations (“Curious“)
  • creative eruptions from earlier years (“The muse and I “)

I can summarize my experience with society, business, politics and the people who were involved in all of these in the 3 most important themes of our time: #UnhealthEconomics, #BrainTricks and #Organismics. In other words: how we make ourselves weak and anxious, and therefore fit better in larger contexts, and -for this- which twists and turns we hold as truth. Or, as Yuval Noah Harari explains in his book: “Sapiens, …“: how we as a larger entity become stronger by believing in the stories we make up, while as individuals we increasingly sacrifice our autonomy and authenticity.

Fold out for the most important questions /answers:

  1. What is this site?
    • This website is a hobby project, with which results of other hobbies can be recorded.
    • Think of stories, observations and thoughts, photos and music.
  2. Which languages ​​are available?
    • The main language is Dutch.
    • Parts of the content are also available in English and German.
    • These are online machine translations, so don’t expect flawless texts!
  3. What about copyright?
    • All content is owned by ReRuBabs.
    • Use is permitted for non-commercial purposes, if the source (“ReRuBabs Eindhoven“) is clearly identified at the same time.
  4. Where do the images come from?
    • The images on this website are either homemade and owned by ReRuBabs, or from Pixabay, and can therefore be used for non-commercial purposes without any problems.
  5. How about privacy?
    • ReRuBabs does not collect or store information from visitors.
    • Visitors, on the other hand, are asked to respect the privacy of the website owners.
  6. What about cookies?
    • Cookies are only placed by WordPress, the theme used (Blossom Feminine Pro), and possibly the active plugins. Which they are and what function they have can be seen in Chrome, by clicking on the lock symbol in the address bar.

Since our stay in Singapore, communication via the internet and its associated equipment has become increasingly important. First mainly to keep in touch with the home front (in 2002 there were no cheap fast connections and only the clumsy NetMeeting still existed as the predecessor of Messenger), and to exchange information. Later that grew into an IT hobby, in which hardware, software and content creation came together in setting up our own servers on fast fiber optic connections. This way, also the insight into the sometimes shadowy world behind our gadgets grew, from internet crime, via online manipulation to profiling our behavioral patterns for a multitude of applications.