Black and white negative scans

I started with black and white photography, on and with Ilford materials. A few of those negatives were scanned at high resolution, and then processed as in the darkroom.

Day trips

During day trips you are usually preoccupied with other things but the photo hobby. Sometimes though, it is possible to make something next to the memorial pictures that stands out a bit.


Sometimes you run into a visual impression that you want to capture for no reason. There is no story to it, and it is very personal whether it is appreciated.


Our roof terrace is an attractive stopping place for a number of birds that have made it their territory. This invites us to take pictures, although we have recently taken measures to combat the nuisance caused by faeces.

Park Meerland

We live on the edge of Park Meerland in Eindhoven, a large landscape park in English style with varied areas and lots of small game. Ideal for the daily walk to relax.


Nature always fascinates me. However, nothing is as difficult as properly displaying a natural impression in a photo. In any case, this challenge is a good excuse to go out regularly!