Living will

The document that I had my civil-law notary draw up meets all legal conditions and requirements. Unfortunately, it’s a weak reflection of what I really want. I may say that treatments without perspective and resuscitation are not desired. As a person in need of care in the gray area between normally healthy and near-death I can tell what I still see as meaningful. But what I really want is euthanasia as soon as I ask, and that’s practically impossible. As such, my living will is a concession to a society with desired legislation that has not yet arrived.

Accept or give up

Accepting yourself (and others) as you are especially means to embrace diversity. To be tolerant to differences, and realize that these complement each other. It has a core of non-appreciation too: no labeling that something is “right” or “wrong”; at the most that you react yourself so or so. That is something very different than giving in lazily to doing nothing, and making excuses for not tackling the problems in your life. You can accept the past, simply because it’s over now, with nothing left to do. But your future is still in your hand!

Old luggage

About self-affirmation

In simple terms Oprah Winfrey tells us wise lessons. However true this is, it is only half of the story. It is the extroverted approach, from you going out to others, if you risk getting into a conflict situation. It does not take away the source, but only tells you how to deal with it. Your maturity is growing. There is also a more introvert approach, to grow towards a more complete person. Let go of your need for self-affirmation, and you’ll be truly free.

The bridge

It had long been clear to him that a change was coming. But when the moment came, it still was a bit of a surprise. Not that there was even a moment’s doubt. What ripens long is quickly picked.


The purifying power of acceptance

Life always goes on, with or without you. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not. What can you do if you suddenly feel that everything acts against you? I always follow these 3 steps: recognize, accept and let go. Recognize your emotion by only naming the cause of it. Acceptance opens your mental doors again. Release the trigger for your bad feeling so that you can focus on actions for the future.

Bend with the wind

Relaxation with Wu-Wei.

“Wu-Wei specialist “…
If you do not know me, you may frown your eyebrows, otherwise I suspect you are smiling.
Yet few people will understand why I give myself this somewhat presumptuous qualification.

Opposites attract

Yin, Yang and You

Yin-Yang is a simple but powerful concept.
If you manage to give this concept a place in your life bit by bit, you will find that your choices become more meaningful and that it enriches your life with others. It is a fun and exciting voyage of discovery that you can handle alone.

Het Beest ontwaakt

5. The Beast Awakens

So far, this story was written from each individual’s mindset, connecting with other people’s thoughts to form structures and develop further. You clearly sense that there is such a thing as #Organismics, which is not recognizable from the inside, just like you can’t objectively describe the pyramid in which you grew up. That is why this chapter chooses a different, supplementary perspective.


1. The individual

The first public event in my life definitely is my birth. I can’t tell what I experienced before that theatrical moment, and I suppose it’s been like a cozy warm and softly swinging environment, with now and then some muffled sounds and the vibrations of my mother’s voice when she spoke or sang a song. That is to say…. until the phase my environment started to squeeze me more and more and the moment my mother pushed me out into the wide world.