Life is all about the journey,
not the anticipated destinations.
A stopover is like an anchor point for a new perspective.

I'm bright in my Crystal Globe

The sacred “must”

And yet there is that voice, deep inside.
That little voice that says that I actually “should” do something with my life, my free time. That I should use my knowledge and experience for society, as a volunteer, in the neighborhood or if necessary as an independent entrepreneurial coach.

Turning points

The life of this bird is quite simple, as actually with all animals. Daily activities consist of eating and drinking, sleeping, reproducing themselves and making sure that dangers are avoided. That is hard work, but in the meantime they find time to be curious, to discover new possibilities and to anticipate changes in the environment. Of course there are also acts of violence and predators that you have to watch out for. And there isn’t always enough food for everyone. But life has a natural cadence, without too much complexity. Most people actually want that too, longing for peace and a well-organized life. It’s just that they rarely get that. And mainly because as species they do that to themselves.

The hermit

Amused, with a hand in her side, Edith watches the flute player. Although peaceful, he still looks lively. Edith can not see any emotion or value judgment in his glistening eyes. Apparently he is doing well. The pieces of fabric and leather hanging around him hardly succeed in concealing his large figure, apparently something he absolutely doesn’t worry about. Yet no wealth can be found here. It seems as if all worldly values have vanished.

The bridge

It had long been clear to him that a change was coming. But when the moment came, it still was a bit of a surprise. Not that there was even a moment’s doubt. What ripens long is quickly picked.

time passes by

4. The future

We all feel that there are limits to what certain processes can realize. Looking at the increasing complexity of the world, we ask ourselves “What is next? “, and we expect some changes to happen. This collective thinking continues to expand, and today we see a shift from pure knowledge generation to transparency of information sharing. Internet became a virtual world where we all can move around without the limitations of our physical existence. In a way, internet gave our identity and values new dimensions.

Slaves or not

2. The crowd

Once I realize I’m not alone in my reality, I know I’m part of a crowd. We are herd animals. In the chaotic crowd my identity feels lost, so we get together in structures and groups to join forces. When two or more people come together to achieve something, automatically someone will take a leadership role. The bigger the group is, the more important is this role. Our motivation is to secure what we perceive as valuable.