The Pale Bear

Suffering and deprivation throw man back on the primary needs, and give no room for critical signals. A dictator sheds blood for his own safety.



No one felt heard, but no one really listened to the other.
Opposites attract, so you better make the most out of it!


Life is all about the journey,
not the anticipated destinations.
A stopover is like an anchor point for a new perspective.


Report Gaia.10.02.22-1

The Coronapandemic is a unique event in the world, just like the past World Wars (and also somewhat like it).



Keywords are often packaged in a context that seems to neutralize the whole. You respond to the trigger word, and the narrator can always say not to take the word out of context.


Reversibility is an important strategy for finding the right balance when assessing situations. It prevents tunnel vision, polarizing behavior, and an all too easily taken position from your comfort zone.


If it feels right to you, then realize your ambitions. Make sure you don’t just try to live up to the expectations of others. The ambitions of others in particular can be stifling if you are given a role in them.

Sjoelbak van het leven

The Shuffleboard of life

I have to achknowledge that the Corona crisis also has positive aspects. For some time now, the shuffleboard has been permanently on the kitchen table. The shuffleboard as your life, and you firing the discs as intentions at your goals.


Living will

The document that I had my civil-law notary draw up meets all legal conditions and requirements. Unfortunately, it’s a weak reflection of what I really want. I may say that treatments without perspective and resuscitation are not desired. As a person in need of care in the gray area between normally healthy and near-death I can tell what I still see as meaningful. But what I really want is euthanasia as soon as I ask, and that’s practically impossible. As such, my living will is a concession to a society with desired legislation that has not yet arrived.

I'm bright in my Crystal Globe

The sacred “must”

And yet there is that voice, deep inside.
That little voice that says that I actually “should” do something with my life, my free time. That I should use my knowledge and experience for society, as a volunteer, in the neighborhood or if necessary as an independent entrepreneurial coach.