Life is all about the journey,
not the anticipated destinations.
A stopover is like an anchor point for a new perspective.


Reversibility is an important strategy for finding the right balance when assessing situations. It prevents tunnel vision, polarizing behavior, and an all too easily taken position from your comfort zone.

Power in words

Opinion without judgment

It would help if one separates the concepts of opinion and condemnation. One can lead to the other, but they are not synonymous.
Freedom of speech is a great thing, but it doesn’t give you the right to judge others if their opinion doesn’t fit you. Humanity and mutually respectful communication should always take precedence over formal language or enforced consensus.

Sjoelbak van het leven

The Shuffleboard of life

I have to achknowledge that the Corona crisis also has positive aspects. For some time now, the shuffleboard has been permanently on the kitchen table. The shuffleboard as your life, and you firing the discs as intentions at your goals.


Living will

The document that I had my civil-law notary draw up meets all legal conditions and requirements. Unfortunately, it’s a weak reflection of what I really want. I may say that treatments without perspective and resuscitation are not desired. As a person in need of care in the gray area between normally healthy and near-death I can tell what I still see as meaningful. But what I really want is euthanasia as soon as I ask, and that’s practically impossible. As such, my living will is a concession to a society with desired legislation that has not yet arrived.

About lightness and darkness

Joseph had been a gifted painter. In his own style he captured scenes, tranquil moments in which time slows down a little and a hidden message is revealed. Usually a moderately positive image, and rarely dark and cold. Yet the play of light and dark was in all his work, just like in his thinking and way of life. Prosperity and setbacks alternate, and both have their use, just like rain and sunshine. If things go well you should harvest, and if things go wrong, it is time to take some distance and rethink.

The hermit

Amused, with a hand in her side, Edith watches the flute player. Although peaceful, he still looks lively. Edith can not see any emotion or value judgment in his glistening eyes. Apparently he is doing well. The pieces of fabric and leather hanging around him hardly succeed in concealing his large figure, apparently something he absolutely doesn’t worry about. Yet no wealth can be found here. It seems as if all worldly values have vanished.

Home sweet home

Now every day costs energy, but they are rewarded with euphoric feelings when they complete a difficult stage, solve a problem satisfactorily, or simply through beautiful panoramas of landscapes. They feel welcome by the curious animals that follow them, with hardly noticeable sounds and glistening eyes in dense vegetation. According to Edith, it is precisely this variety and dynamism that attracts them. This is no longer a comfort zone. Everyday life, even though there is a recurring routine, is now much more varied and surprising.


Joseph’s roots were in a different time and a different continent. The young women and children affectionately call him “lolo”, and without exception the men approach him with reverence and esteem. When John told him about his intention to travel away with Edith, Joseph simply said: “It is good to regularly make up the balance of your life. Every day is a new opportunity, with choices for your future. Just make sure you don’t regret any choice later on. “

Together alone

The brook, which runs along the road, provides plenty of fresh water, and ends up in a small lake. John is happy to be able to freshen up later, and to rinse off the dust from the walk. Washing clothes is not yet possible; they do not have time for that. Fresh underwear and flared outerwear should suffice for now. With Edith’s splashing sounds in the background he studies the bank on the other side, and lets the encounters of the past few days pass by again. Those encounters in themselves were quite instructive.