Report Gaia.10.02.22-1

The Coronapandemic is a unique event in the world, just like the past World Wars (and also somewhat like it).


If it feels right to you, then realize your ambitions. Make sure you don’t just try to live up to the expectations of others. The ambitions of others in particular can be stifling if you are given a role in them.

The decline of the USA

What happens now in the USA of course has an impact on the rest of the world, but my suspicion is that the end of the power era of the USA has now been set in motion. The domestic consequences of poverty, riots and revolution and slow corporate collapse will cause the people to suffer the most. America will probably fare in the same way as so many other countries where a revolution took place, and that is by no means a nice idea.


“You know,” says the neighbor in goodbye, “in that group I saw some people that I experience very differently during the day. Then they are friendly and open, and not at all as aggressive as tonight. To me, such a parade is not the problem. The danger is in that one single ambitious politician who uses this mass for his own gain.”

The Abbey’s story

Surprised John and Edith look at the ruins that cover the vast terrain. Of course they knew houses made of stone, but these were usually just one storey high. In rare cases there was a 3-storey tower, with an additional wooden structure on top of it. The buildings they are currently looking at must have been gigantic in the past! Steep walls everywhere, high windows, big doors, huge buttresses to support the walls… Such an overwhelming thing they’ve never seen before!

View from the Tor (small)

Freedom of choice

It’s our highest ideal: to have maximum freedom of choice and to decide for yourself what is good for you.
As if there’s a menu for your life with all selections that are available. What remains after your choice disappears in an anonymous waste bin.
This fits into a time when individualism grows rampant at the expense of a sense of responsibility for the ups and downs of others. You only sacrifice yourself for your own profit, or because your dear ones can benefit from it in the long term. As they say: you should get more out of it than you put in.

But I often ask myself the question: are we really that free?


Then Edith notices some movement in the distance, and almost utters a cry of fright. Further afield, the forest ends in a light spot, and behind the silhouettes of dark trunks she sees figures walking, running, and feels more than she hears it that there’s a fight out there. Someone flees the road, in their direction, then falls over and doesn’t get up anymore. Now they also smell smoke, and see occasional flames flaring up. Apparently it is not just wood that burns yonder.

One-sidedness and popular entertainment

How aware are we of our freedom? Or have we already given it up in exchange for convenience and safety? Don’t we want to get the information needed to do justice to everyone? Or do we follow the invisible leaders? #Organismics has many faces…

Het Beest ontwaakt

5. The Beast Awakens

So far, this story was written from each individual’s mindset, connecting with other people’s thoughts to form structures and develop further. You clearly sense that there is such a thing as #Organismics, which is not recognizable from the inside, just like you can’t objectively describe the pyramid in which you grew up. That is why this chapter chooses a different, supplementary perspective.


3. The world

This world we build with our brain does not only house all people, but also has many pyramid constellations in various nested forms. What applies to the interaction between two humans is also valid for the dynamics between two pyramids. How a pyramid embeds in a larger construction is not different from how a person takes part in pyramid life. It is all about identity and perceived value. When somebody is able to look beyond the pyramids he is part of, he gets a bigger picture of this world. The only value for evolution is the knowledge, generated by our brains to move to the next phase!