The combination of technique and creativity plays an important role in all activities that interest me. In addition to the beautiful picture (composition, color and contrast), photography is about the influence on the end result of light, lighting and shooting technology, optics, and chemical processes (in the past) or processing software (nowadays). Music involves sound, recording and reproduction technology, music theory, sound effects, amplification and acoustics. Poems are created through language skills, fantasy and a good command of media formats and publication techniques. The fusion of creative content and form with technical design inspires me, not only in hobbies, but also during my years as a developer, project leader and manager.

That has not always been the case. In the past every family member played an instrument or was blessed with a pure singing voice, but I didn’t get any further than the obligatory wooden soprano flute. In the end I liked sports more than making music (or Sunday school). Nevertheless, I always enjoyed the Saturday nights in the sixties, when we all played songs together from full written notebooks, accompanied by guitars, ukulele, flute and modest percussion. In between games were played. My love for country and “Indische” (colonial Indonesian) songs dates back to that time, but also the pleasure with shuffleboard and darts. As a teenager my father stimulated my natural talent for (electro) technology and taught me a lot about photography, language, philosophy and religion.

A decade later, TV had taken over the living room, and one after the other my brothers and sister left the house. Technical-scientific studies and a challenging job pushed creativity to the background. Around the beginning of the nineties I was so busy with all kinds of obligations that I looked for relaxation opportunities. Thinking back to the cosy fun of my Indonesian family, I decided to take guitar lessons and try to hold on to those songs from the past for future generations. My father and his older brother (a guitar virtuoso who died too young) served as my example. Around that time a long-term relationship also ended when I had to travel all over the world professionally. I definitely wanted to keep practicing regularly, so my guitar became a faithful companion on the road. Moreover, the guitar playing gave me the peace of mind to deal with stressful situations.

Guitar collection

From that time on my hobbies received a new impulse.
Education and personal development brought deeper understanding and my good salary made me invest a lot in instruments, equipment and tools. A major stumbling block in music was my hearing aids. By practicing a lot with headphones and audio recordings, I improved both my hearing and my voice. By the turn of the century I thus had assembled a small music studio. After that the focus shifted to photography, and twenty years later almost everything in the guitar hobby is sold again, including most of my guitars.