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Political ideals and personal values


Political parties are also pyramids, and people join such an organization because of ideology or direct benefit (a party can defend certain interests for you, such as social security, religious values ​​or financial freedom). Some members are active on the political scene. They do voluntary work during their activities and usually form the hard core of voters during elections. Most, however, are passive members. There is also a large group of sympathizers who could vote positively if the circumstances are right (read: when my vote is needed to secure my future benefit).

For a very small number of people, the party becomes an employer. As always, there are a few people who just do their job without really agreeing with the political opinions. Others are ambitious and want to climb up, gain power, secure a social position and earn the money that suits their status. Of course, depending on the political color, you see differences in public behavior, but in general successful politicians succeed in gaining lucrative positions in business and society. And that is something I find very interesting to observe: to what extent do their earlier political ideology and later career ambitions fit together? It is clear to me that their value perception changes over the course of time, and consequently also their win-win needs. I only need to look at the newspapers for spicy revelations about the attitudes of those former politicians.