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The Internet of Things


The "internet of things" penetrates the medical care domain.

Services through the "Cloud" help people live healthier. Based on customer profiles, you get tips and suggestions and after your hospital visit there is a monitoring program for a good recovery.

To do this, "they" save your medical information in a database, including the behavioral patterns, delivered by household appliances connected to the internet. One might even analyze your shopping preferences in supermarkets to see if you eat healthy or not. This is already possible via your mobile phone (WiFi-tracking and NFC) and loyalty cards to see which products get more attention in stores. It is also known that insurance companies use databases to create disease treatment profiles. They generally want to spend as little money as possible, so when medical costs occur, the insurance wants to pay as little as possible. That is why they also negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry about costs for medication and with medical staff about treatments. Their focus is on the most common diseases, suitable for financial management.

This is the organism that I call #UnhealthEconomics.

"Big brother is watching you" is not only valid for governments and their security services! Soon you will see that the insurance premiums are automatically adjusted to your behavior patterns. Non-medically trained administrators determine for you how often you are entitled to certain care. You receive warnings when you don't join national preventive screening programs for frequent diseases with relatively high treatment costs.

Oh well ... I know we are not that far yet! But we are very close ... You can see it happening because of the exponential growth of acquired information and easy access to and manipulation of data. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) will soon lead to powerful ecosystems for our health with their own rules and values. I hope that the good side is that cost efficiency and targeted expenditure lead to more people who have access to good medical care. But it could also just be that the influence of populism leads to the exclusion and decimation of certain groups of people that do not fit in the ideal profile.