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Internet behavior


It's obvious, but in the meantime we know how our internet behavior is not as private and safe as we assumed. Our brain projects old values ​​on new technologies and systems with very different characteristics as we were used to, and ny now we know that this isn't appropriate (#BrainTrick number 1).

So, what do we do about that?

Disable all gadgets and terminate our internet subscription? As an individual you can do that; but then you must accept that certain benefits and comforts are no longer available. #BrainTrick number 2 is too easy-going to do that.

Should we maximize privacy protection (if at all possible, looking at the underlying business models of large internet players)? While you know that every personal action always leads to a new trend that compensates our efforts over time? To boggle along is #BrainTrick number 4 in this context.

Or do we have to change our values ​​and simply forget that what used to be private, and therefore worth keeping a secret, is no longer relevant nowadays? If we review our value perceptions, our identity and the way we deal with our environment also change. That costs a bit of energy, but you lose a lot of ballast. #BrainTrick number 5 searches for the path of least resistance and the best net energy result.

Of course there is always the possibility to do a little bit of everything: keep a critical eye on what you and others do, but do not get too stuck in old habits and opinions. That is not a #BrainTrick... The difficulty is to be, at any moment, aware of what you do, and why.