Here it is!

I proudly present …. my new website!

I have learned something in recent months. And that is that if problems continue too long, you have to ask yourself if you better should choose a different approach.

I had a new theme for my existing personal website a few months ago, so that the site would fit better with a commercial e-coaching business. I knew that I had to “re-write” quite a bit, that layouts were different, and settings had to be adjusted. I took that work for granted. But in the end I discovered that most of the time there were errors and undesirable behaviors of the new site. Plugins did not work properly, views were not good, and so on.

That was the time to take a step back, relax, and conclude that the new theme I had chosen did not meet general coding guidelines, so plugins and such do not function 100%. So I took a brave decision: implement a new theme (with all the consequences of that), but then a paid version with good support. It became “Blossom Feminine Pro”, and I even got the site out of the air for a few days to make all the adjustments. Along the way I also discovered a few plugins that were not coded correctly (so I could start again with the layout of the site), but in the end the result is fine!

The site works like a charm!
Thanks to the cooperation with supporting teams all over the world, something very nice has arisen!
I am proud of it, and also very happy that it is so far. This is a nice milestone for me. I know that too: it is always good to plan striking points and celebrations on your journey to the unknown. That helps you at times when you want to give up (and believe me: I’ve often had those moments lately). Moreover, this moment is also a gift for my father, who turns 98 tomorrow!

I am not the only person who is proud!

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