Glad to meet you on my website!

Through this website I offer information for anyone who is busy with self-reliance and needs some kind of coaching with that. With this information you’ll find your own answers to concerns that are important to you.
It does not matter if you are busy with a private situation, or that you are not comfortable with your work. You may want to organize your life differently, but you oppose the change. It is also possible that there are so many questions in your head that for a while you can not see the forest through the trees. This can all show up in stress complaints, irritability or fatigue.

You probably found this site because something bothers you. Maybe you look for a push in the right direction.
Being worried or concerned about things is a good sign.
It tells you that you care about those things, and look for solutions.
Finding such a solution isn’t always easy, but once you reach a satisfactory result, you feel good about it.

However, sometimes you notice you don’t move forward.
Something blocks you, and there are elements you cannot put your fingers on.
You feel frustration rise, and that negative trend starts having impact on your daily routines.

That’s when my information can help you.

I will not give answers or solutions.
I do not have a book of recipes or formulas that can be applied to arbitrary situations.
But I can help you explore your own case, and find ways how to deal with the bottlenecks.

My vision towards self-reliance:

“Everyone should make meaningful choices at any time and in every situation and accept the consequences thereof.”

Therefore my mission towards you:

“For you to be happy with your future behaviors’ impact, I will help you understand your interactions by stimulating self-reflection.”

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