Internet is not anonymous.

Through your provider, your IP address and your subscription already a lot of data can be retrieved, sometimes even publicly using websites. Many cookies are used, essential pieces of software, meant to optimize your internet experience. In particular there are tracking cookies, which web businesses use to trace your interests and preferences, and then send targeted advertising to you. The amount and detail of information from internet users only grows. That’s the price we pay for the convenience the internet offers us, and which we do not want to give up. Everything you do on the internet leaves breadcrumbs, so your own behavior and carefulness are essential to avoid nasty experiences by using the internet.

  • I, your e-Coach or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) are not responsible for the consequences of your choices regarding internet usage.

I try very hard to create an environment for my web services, as safe and secure as possible, which includes secured self-managed servers. Nevertheless, cybercriminals may be able to cause damage by targeted hacking actions and denial of service attacks. I will do everything in my power to prevent you from having any negative consequences, but fact is:  on the internet no-one is safe today.

  • I, your e-Coach or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) are not liable for the consequences of harmful external actions directed to the server or the services running via that server.

Another inconvenient phenomenon is spam, sometimes as illegal targeted marketing campaigns, sometimes simply as spreading bullshit, sometimes also as phishing information. Not every user on the Internet is a living person: many computers, whether or not linked to powerful bot networks, do nothing else but mimic clicks and accounts, thus simulating additional internet traffic that pays off. To prevent that, I ask people who want to actively use my website to familiarize themselves with a name and an email address. This can also be done by using existing accounts of certain social media, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Simple tools are used while registering on the server to see if you are indeed human: math calculations, captcha, email confirmation, and so on. That’s not to bully you, but to make sure we’re all dealing with real people.

  • Access to the website is entirely anonymous. Use of blog, forum or other services of “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” is only possible after registration, requiring and recording limited information to improve security and good service.

“ReRuBabs e-Coaching” works with public blogs and forums that you can respond to, and email and chat for more personal interaction. In many cases public services may be very useful to others who are looking at similar questions or topics. In the public services you are responsible for information you share. If possible, I will alert you to things that better should not be shared. In the more confidential atmosphere of email and chat, it is often necessary to share with your e-Coach more than usual, to get good results. Also here it’s up to you to decide what you want to share with me.

  • You, the user, must at all times be aware of the information you share during the coaching process. As an e-Coach, I will never abuse it, but only use it to help you better.

In special cases, we’ll start a project together, using a shared work environment on the server to exchange structured information, define assignments, perform assignments, evaluate results and make plans to implement these. Similar guidelines as for emails and chats apply for the information shared in this project environment.

  • I, your e-Coach or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) will not distribute any of the obtained personal information in any way, other than what you desire and for which you consent. Privacy is important to me.
  • At any time, and in particular at the end of a cycle, your personal information can be wiped out. My company is not under any obligation regarding minimum retention periods. If there are reasonable reasons to keep information longer (for example for your health or safety, or because of the desire to enter a follow-up later), I will do so.
  • It is always possible to correct personal information. To do this, just submit a request, supported by the appropriate authorization (to prevent others from changing your information).
  • Upon cancellation of your registration all of your information related to you will be deleted from the server. Information on external media is under the responsibility of the user account concerned.

Personal coaching services are granted at a rate published on the website. These rates may change and this will be reported on the site. A payment request will only be made after we have decided to start the coaching process together. After payment, the appropriate tools are released for the client, and the process can start.

  • Costs due for coaching activities are paid in advance. In the absence of payment, registration and application will be undone.

Not all information on the website is unique. By nature many things are repeated, perhaps in slightly different terms. Pictures, drawings, sketches and videos often show similar things that were thought out much earlier. People are good at reaming information and knowledge, more strongly: we need it to learn and make things our own. Sometimes there will be plagiarism, and occasionally something will come to light that is subject to some copy restrictions. It’s never my aim to deliberately misuse other people’s creations for commercial reasons. My only goal is to help a person take a step forward during this journey through life.

  • I, your e-Coach or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) disclaim and are not liable for any occurring plagiarism or infringement of property rights. If this happens, it is possible to delete or otherwise enrich information to honour the original owner.
  • By using my company’s website, you agree to proactive information distribution, such as newsletters, emails, and tags on social media.
  • It is forbidden to spread legally and ethically inappropriate information through my website. If necessary, I will report this to competent authorities.

In principle my services are available to anyone who needs it. However, I require minimum ages of 16 years and 12 years after approval by legal representative (parents or guardian). For younger clients I’m not qualified. Personal contacts are not possible; e-Coaching takes place completely within the context of the internet.

  • The minimum age of users is 16 years. In special cases, at the request of legal representatives, I can decide on sessions with young people from 12 years of age.
  • The user must have free access to the internet. Specially installed applications are not required because everything runs through websites on my server.

Finally, some general provisions relating to statutory liability and warranties.

  • e-Coaching does not always lead to results. Sometimes it takes a long time before the effect becomes noticeable. Due to changes in the life and conditions of the client, it may even be that there is no result at all. I, as an e-Coach, or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) are not liable for this.
  • Upon entering into a coaching session the client accepts full responsibility and liability for conduct after termination of this session. I, as an e-Coach, or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) are not liable for any harmful consequences of the client’s behavior.
  • At all times I aim to work and act in an ethically responsible, environmentally conscious and integral manner .
  • I, as e-Coach, or “ReRuBabs e-Coaching” (my company) can adjust the above conditions if necessary. This is reported on the homepage of the website.