When I communicate with people, some see the light after the first few words and want to move on by themselves. Others need more time to feel sure about their new insights. For each person that’s a different process.┬áMy coaching process has 5 phases, building from general information collection to very targeted approaches to solve issues. I believe in not jumping to conclusions too fast, or at least not without checking those (often intuitive) conclusions against facts and reality.

The steps are:

  1. Collect and understand information, as much as possible
  2. Analyse the information, weigthing bits and pieces and create some structure and focus
  3. Select the topics to address, preferably in a prioritized order (that way, if you get stuck on an item, you can proceed with the next one until time solved the previous topic a bit)
  4. Define an action plan: for each of the topics, be explicit in what to achieve and how to do that; this prevents distraction and diversion
  5. Finally: execute on the plans made until you’re satisfied with the results (after an honest evaluation)

Oh… and my role?
I just guide you through, make sure you don’t forget things, ask questions to broaden your scope and deepen your insights. I’ll teach you models and methods that may help you better understand things.
There’s only one thing I’ll never do for you… I will not solve your problems!