Moving Out

      1. Moving Out

Fallen leaves, wet on the street,
Darkness obscures my mind.
I realize you’re leaving me-
There’s just doubt at home to find.
Though thoughtless I do wonder
How I’ve been actin’ wrong…
Even memories of days gone by
Seem forgotten, faded and done.

It hurts me when you walk out
Spend a good time on your own.
It feels like you deny me,
Some stranger you’ve never known.
I won’t fight our destiny
But what did I do wrong?
That all my mem’ries of happiness
Seem a fairy tale that’s gone.

Through many years we’ve shared
We build ourselves a life.
Though sometimes sorrow was our part,
We never ceased to try.
But now that you leave all behind,
Surrender’s in your eyes.
I can’t stop you moving out,
Losing all that once was ours.

The future won’t be kind to us,
Strugglin’ how to carry on.
Despite my disappointment
I’ll catch up when you are gone.
So don’t force me to think of
Whatever I did wrong…
‘Cause memories are all I’ve got
Of a past that took too long.