If it's all a dream...
Reality, it's (just) a thought!


Sometimes a dream is as realistic as life itself…

We all experience it now and then: the storyline gets you in most peculiar situations, and you find yourself capable of doing things you never thought you could. Your body reacts on the dream as if it all really happens to you. Just occasionally you wake up when the dream is not yet finished. The signals in your brain were so emphatic, that your body noticeably took action. It is then, that you realize it was just a dream. But, depending on the impact of the dream, you still wonder why this experience came to you at night.

Over time, we have taught ourselves that a dream belongs to the night. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s simply the post-processing by the brain, trying to put everything from the past days in the right perspective. “Without dreams”, we tell ourselves, “we would grow insane, because the mind cannot relax itself anymore.” We even try to cultivate day-dreaming, or lucid dreaming, to support this cleaning process. And we enjoy being in the twilight zone, when we don’t know how to distinguish between reality and the dreamland we’re in.

We all acknowledge that dreaming is a process, steered by our brain.
Even though there’s interaction with the total body, the brain orchestrates the dream event.

Knowing how realistic dreams are to us, some people even ask themselves if, in the end, we’re not dreaming reality itself. Why do we value daytime different from nighttime? Maybe our thoughts are a continuous dream anyhow, and we switch between dimensions depending on the mental state we’re in. As if we’re experiencing different levels of psychosis.

The brain needs the other organs to survive, but it’s definitely the master of our reality. So why not assume our world is just what we think of it? Don’t we use our brains to shape views and perceptions about reality? If people generally accept that idea, and dare to take the consequences of that, we might be able to live together much easier. So let’s start with the concept that…

“Reality, It’s (just) a thought!”

Remark: nothing I write here is new or invented by me. There are many books and documentaries describing the topics I present here, and usually it’s done with more depth and background evidence than I am capable of. All I do here is to bring various elements together in a simple collection that may trigger thinking and invite you to further exploration. If I had fun during this discovery, why shouldn’t you have that too?


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