1. How to use this site

Contributions by others

Sometimes I’m asked if I want to place external content on my site. However, this website is a personal hobby. The responsibility for contributions by other authors is a snake pit filled with legal traps.

Therefore: there will never be contributions from other authors but from myself!

About advertisements

Although I understand that people want to earn money (preferably a lot of it and very quickly) , there are plenty of reasons why I have an aversion to internet advertisements.

In the first place, they always appear at moments and places most unwanted, and usually not in line with the context of the webpage.

The algorithms that determine which advertisement you get to see stigmatize and limit both your free choice and your knowledge about available variety.

The advertising model behind the free internet goes that far and that deep that authors rarely (are able to) indicate when certain content they publish is ad-driven. Transparency has been sacrificed to commercial interests that benefit from slavish fashion and trend-sensitive mobs, which, as a result, often spend hard-earned money unwisely.

So no ads on my site!

Where are the pages for registration and logon?

You don’t need them to interact with the site.

2. About the content

Why these 3 themes?

The three themes related to #BrainTricks, #Organismics and #UnhealthEconomics have, after many years, surfaced as the three pillars on which most human problems have been built. Better awareness of it can help to reduce some personal and social problems.

# BrainTricks is the built-in mechanism that we always find the easiest way, do not take responsibility for difficult things when it doesn’t concern us, and so on. There’s always an excuse to stay out of the window ourselves, and to justify what we should not have done.

#Organismics helps with this, because we hide behind a man-made structure that transcends us. The problem is that in the end we are also guided and controlled by this. We have a lot of comments on it, but you can’t ultimately designate guilty individuals, so again you have to ask yourself to what extent you habitually participate in that system.

#UnhealthEconomics builds on these with all the justifications we offer for self-protecting and expensive structures that we maintain for our healthcare. Of course, everyone can provide for their livelihood. But at a time when costs are rising, and less fortunate people suffer, only one question counts:

Is it OK to earn SO MUCH from the unhealthiness of another?

Do we not abuse the value that each of us inevitably attaches to life?

Many people complain, but do not really look further. That is why I post messages, to open your eyes a bit further.

Those texts and such… where did you get that?

The actual content isn’t new at all.

These are all thoughts and ideas you can find everywhere. My only contribution is that  I rephrase things a bit, and maybe relate things in a different context.

Don’t assume in-depth studies as background information! I just gained a lot of experience as observer of the world around me!

Where do you get the movie clips on this site?

Some of the clips and animations I prepare myself.

However, most of the movie clips come directly from YouTube, and are diplayed here in a playback window.
So actually you do watch YouTube!

Can I re-use the pictures on this site?

Always assume that you can NOT use internet images for your own purposes.

Once you reuse an image from the internet, you are always responsible for checking copyright, ownership and usage restrictions. That’s why I advise you never to just download photos from this site. Go to Pixabay and compose your own selection. Or contact me to find out if you can use my photos. The fact that an image is placed on this site does not mean that you can use it for your own purposes. You can not use this site as a reference in cases of violation of the copyright or any other image related right.

Where do the images on this site come from?

The images on this site are either made by myself, or come from sites that offer free images, such as Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/) and Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/). Occasionally I use images from public sites that allow non-commercial reuse of downloaded images (like NASA and public education institutes).

Pixabay and Pexels offer a huge selection of high quality images in different resolutions, which are free to use.

Please read the usage conditions on these sites for more details.

3. About coaching

Does coaching cost me something?

Feel free to contact me, and we’ll talk about it.

Maybe I’m content with a cup of tea. Companies I might charge the normal tariff for consultants though!

Don’t forget: I don’t have a business, and I don’t intend to start one anymore.

Do you still offer coaching?

I stopped the initiative of an e-Coaching business.

Instead, I launched this site with information that may help people with inspirations or insights.

However, if you feel you can benefit from my experience as people manager and personal (career) coach, you can always send me a message via the contact form.