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The ego dilemma

The word “Ego” has a somewhat negative aftertaste in recent decades. “Having a big ego” or “caressing your ego” indicates someone’s exaggeration of the self-importance. When somebody is self-centered, it is said that he only pursues his own interests and shamelessly places himself at the center of his world. If such a person is also selfish, he makes others suffer by selectively not taking account of them, their feelings or interests.

Yet we give someone who thinks too much of others and obliterates himself the good advice to grow a “healthy dose of selfishness”. A person who is completely lost in the complexity of the community must “put himself more central” in his decisions and considerations. With this kind of advice, it’s possible to go through life less vulnerable and more consciously.

Trash bin

Freedom of choice

It’s our highest ideal: to have maximum freedom of choice and to decide for yourself what is good for you.
As if there’s a menu for your life with all selections that are available. What remains after your choice disappears in an anonymous waste bin.
This fits into a time when individualism grows rampant at the expense of a sense of responsibility for the ups and downs of others. You only sacrifice yourself for your own profit, or because your dear ones can benefit from it in the long term. As they say: you should get more out of it than you put in.

But I often ask myself the question: are we really that free?

Afvalemmer en troep


It is interesting to note how your expectations about human behavior are influenced to a large extent by external appearances. Behind the public mask often a few less rosy things are hidden. As long as these are private, little is going on (although you can also question that like in case of domestic violence and so on), but it gets annoying when the living environment suffers from it. Why are people so negligent when it comes to waste? Especially these days, with a lot of attention for the impact on our environment?

“It is and remains your shit, that you dropped somewhere! “


About self-affirmation

In simple terms Oprah Winfrey tells us wise lessons. However true this is, it is only half of the story. It is the extroverted approach, from you going out to others, if you risk getting into a conflict situation. It does not take away the source, but only tells you how to deal with it. Your maturity is growing. There is also a more introvert approach, to grow towards a more complete person. Let go of your need for self-affirmation, and you’ll be truly free.

Natural shower

The purifying power of acceptance

Life always goes on, with or without you. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not. What can you do if you suddenly feel that everything acts against you? I always follow these 3 steps: recognize, accept and let go. Recognize your emotion by only naming the cause of it. Acceptance opens your mental doors again. Release the trigger for your bad feeling so that you can focus on actions for the future.