“ReRuBabs.nl” is the private domain of Bärbel and Rens.

This website gives us access to some applications and files on our local server. It also functions as an online manual.

  1. It’s a Thought
    Dutch blog site with posts about how we build ourselves a world that rules our lives. The stories are about how our brain influences daily quality of life. They tell about how we fool ourselves and others, and get completely mixed up in an organic system that basically is just a Thought, but one that is hard to change.
    An English summary describes the general idea behind all the Dutch blog stories. Go to the preface, or see table of contents in the footer menu. Feel free to download the eBook (pdf or epub).
  2. Memories
    Online booklet with old stuff, produced in the past, and nice to save for the future. Stories, philosophies, songs, mostly in Dutch.
  3. Photo Station
    Photo and video sharing web application. Partly public, partly private.