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Personality models, meaningful or not?

Have you ever done a personality test? Probably. And what did you do with the outcome? Did it feel OK? Are you proud of it? Are you actively trying to deploy and use it? They come in many shapes and sizes, from short, simple questionnaires in magazines to extensive tests via websites. Sometimes with a scientific background, and sometimes more for some pastime fun. After …

Blind spot
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What’s your blind spot?

To most people the idea of having a blind spot feels unpleasant. It is about something you don’t know, can’t see, and where it’s hard to defend yourself against. Yet a blind spot offers you the best chance to bring about a real change in yourself. Discussing a blind spot is also a great way to build a deeper bond with someone else. Let’s start …

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The algorithm of your life

This message is about algorithms, and how the principles behind them can help you to make your actions more satisfying for everyone (including yourself). On all sides our lives are determined and controlled by software. Without the development of ever more sophisticated programs, our modern world would collapse: the greatest fear if the power would drop out for a while. Software is again composed of …


Why membership?

My site uses membership. That means: to actively do something with the site, you have to register and log in. Think of commenting on posts and using the forum for general e-coaching interaction. It’s absolutely necessary when following a personal program. Reading information is always possible. I ask this to be sure only people of flesh and blood have access to the site. We suffer …

Clean wash
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The purifying power of acceptance

Life always goes on, with or without you. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not. What can you do if you suddenly feel that everything acts against you? I always follow these 3 steps: Recognize: take a balcony view on your situation, how do things work together? Accept: acknowledge the core of your problem, and stop evading Let go: use your energy differently, refocus your attention, so that …