Welcome to my e-Coaching website!

Via this website I help you find your own answers to concerns that matter to you.

Being worried or concerned about things is a good sign.
It tells you that you care about those things, and look for solutions.
Finding such a solution isn’t always easy, but once you reach a satisfactory result, you feel good about it.

Sometimes you notice you can’t move forward.
Something blocks you, there are elements you cannot put your fingers on.
You feel frustration rise, and the negative trend starts having impact on your daily routines.

That’s where a coach can help you.

I will not give answers or solutions.
I do not have a book of recipes or formulas that can be applied to arbitrary situations.
But I can help you explore your own case, and find ways how to deal with the bottlenecks.
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Between October 1st and December 31st 2017 this website transforms into “ReRuBabs e-Coaching“.