Leaving the City

      1. Leaving the City

My plane’s all set to leave, I’m waitin’ for take-off
No one came along to say good-bye.
I guess this Sunday evening every one’s with family,
Where I return sure waits no lovin’ smile.

I’m grateful for the things that happened to me on this trip
That lit a spark of life inside my heart.
A new world opened up when an old one closed its doors
Because of this Kopenhagen Affair.

The friend I knew so well choose a different path to go
I couldn’t light a candle in her life.
Thinking back I must admit on her proper point of view
Both of us do better since that time.

It’s back that scent of magic that elates my mind, my soul
The chain of obligations disapeared.
The turmoil of last year as that safe engagement ends
Has led me through this Kopenhagen Affair.

Sweet Kopenhagen ladies, you guided me so well –
You found a cheerful corner in my heart.
I’m not the man to share your lives, to chase erotic dreams
Though fun with you evoked a brandnew start.

All that is left over is the memory we share
And presents you’ve treasured those nights.
Whenever I return things just cannot be the same –
Unique was this Kopenhagen Affair.

My plane is heading for its track, illumination’s low
My favourite city’s windowed in the dark.
Behind my eyes mixed feelings fight a battle with my tears –
Farewell to my Kopenhagen Affair.
Farewell to my Kopenhagen Affair.