Little Bird

      1. Little Bird

Little bird, farewell, my friend,
You passed away so quietly.
In the night you met life’s end,
Feathered Angels calling thee.
But tell me please, before you go,
There must be something I don’t know?
You’ve seen what happened all these years –
Acceptance still must grow.

Little bird, you’re flying today,
Although your wings won’t carry you;
You will travel far away
To universal destiny.
But tell me, Nikki, what I’ve missed,
That I loose all that I have kissed
With trembling lips, too carefully;
A spark is all I wished.

Little bird, you’re almost there,
You’re settled in my memory.
Your wings can take you everywhere;
I hope my thoughts will fly like thee.
But tell me, girl, one day, one night
My heart shall easy stand the tides,
No longer feeling insecure
‘Cause someone’s at my side.